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The MotoNotice script allows you to create your own website with local, national or international announcements. This script is characterized by exceptional intuitive operation with very extensive functionality. Thanks to its universal structure, it can also be used as a website with accommodation database, real estate or a business directory.

The script is dedicated to portals with online advertisements related to the automotive industry: with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, agriculture or just with car parts. It allows you to create a local, national or international website.

The system is also perfect for running small and large websites with a list of companies and various local, national or international corporations. Companies are divided into categories and regions.

The MotoNotice advertisement script stands out among other scripts with its friendly and very modern user interface and extensive administration panel.

The script is based on the Twitter Bootstrap 4 framework, thanks to which people familiar with this framework can easily edit the appearance of the website, and thus adapt it to their needs or to a specific advertising industry.

Here are the script equipment to help with SEO positioning:

Friendly URLs on the site (to a category, region, type of ad),
Light structure of the website - the page loads very quickly,
Alt tags for images - an internet search engine can use them to recognize what is in the image,
XML sitemap for search engines, generated automatically by the system (Cron),
Possibility to set meta tags (keywords and SEO descriptions) individually for each article, info page and category
Microdata in the list of ads and on the classifieds page
This script is very universal - it allows you to create fields with additional options that will be displayed only in selected categories (e.g. in the Automotive section: year, state; and in the Clothing section - the size field). The script will handle any advertising portal.

The portal is pre-configured - it has a database of provinces and cities, categories, types of advertisements, regulations and privacy policy, thanks to which you will save time on configuration and start the website in a few minutes!

The script is available for purchase at

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