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The Regulations constitute the legal basis for the use of our website. By visiting our website, you accept the current provisions of these Regulations and undertake to comply with all the rules contained therein.
The Regulations are complemented by our Privacy Policy.
The nature and purpose of the site
The website is an information and promotion service aimed at collecting real estate sales offers in Poland and abroad.
User registration and data protection
A person who wants to add their offer to the database must register for free. After completing the registration, a given person will be able to log in to the Panel enabling adding an offer.
The data provided during registration and other personal data that may be collected from users when using the websites are collected and used in accordance with the principles contained in our Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Act.
Rights and abilities of website users
By registering on the site:
you agree to provide truthful information upon registration
you accept these Website Terms of Use in full
you undertake to keep your password secret and you agree to be responsible for all consequences caused by both your own and unauthorized access to the sites by people with whom you share your login and password
you undertake to notify us immediately of any unauthorized access to the sites using your password or of registering with the sites from your email account
Respect of property rights, copyright reservation
When making the website available, we pay special attention to the need to respect intellectual property rights. Please be advised that the website contains documents protected by copyright, trademarks and other original materials, in particular texts, photos and graphics, and the selection and layout of the content presented on the website is an independent subject of copyright protection. All logos, trademarks and graphics on these pages are the property of their authors.
The website reserves the right to block accounts at any time without giving any reason.
User activity on websites, sending materials
You have the right to upload your information, materials and documents to websites. This right entails, on the one hand, the possibility of influencing other website users, and, on the other hand, access to certain areas of our computer system, which are sensitive to behavior that may disrupt its operation.
As a result, you fully agree that your site and account activity:
may not be contrary to the norms of culture, with generally applicable law, may not be dangerous to others in any way and therefore you will not upload any information or materials that violate generally accepted standards of culture, vulgar, indecent to the websites or using the website mechanisms , obscene, illegal, information materials and statements that call for intolerance, hatred, violence, cruelty or violation of the law in any way
you may not violate the rights of other website users, in particular the right to dignity, privacy, personal data protection, freedom of expression, and therefore you will refrain from offensive or aggressive statements and you will not collect or delete any data about other website users
you will not use website mechanisms to send unsolicited material considered spam
you agree that the site publisher has the right to modify or remove any of your entries without giving any reason
Notice of Copyright Infringement
If you believe that your or anyone else's copyrights, intellectual property rights have been infringed in any way or in any form on the websites, please send information on this to the publisher of the website.
Warranty Exclusions
You fully accept that the publisher is providing the site as is.
You realize that the materials published on the website may contain false information or otherwise do not meet your needs and expectations. You agree that your use of the website is solely at your own risk and risk.
All information, materials or services provided through the website are offered without warranty of any kind, in particular:
The publisher of the website makes no guarantees as to the correctness or completeness of any material, information or arrangements on the website.
The publisher of the website does not guarantee that each posted offer will meet the expectations of each User as to the substantive content, accuracy or usefulness of the information obtained.
Links to other websites, advertisements and advertisements
INlinks to other sites are posted. Advertisements of companies - our clients can also be published. The publisher of the site assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, content or availability of the information linked to.
Dispute settelement
In connection with the possibility of disputes related to the use of the websites:
you agree that these Website Terms of Use are governed by Polish law - any disputes that may arise from the performance of the obligations contained in these terms and conditions shall be settled by the territorially and materially competent common court in Poland.
you agree that in the event that any of the provisions of these Regulations are found to be illegal by a competent court, the court's decision does not overrule other provisions of these Regulations and therefore all other provisions remain in force.
you agree that in the event of inconsistency between the conditions described in a specific document on the website and signed by the Publisher, and the conditions set out in these Regulations, the more important conditions set out in the document shall always be deemed to be the more important, except for the warranties expressed anywhere in the Exclusions section warranty.
Changes to the terms of use of the website
You agree that the Publisher of the site reserves the sole right to make changes to the site at any time without notifying users. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions, and the use of the sites following any changes is tantamount to their acceptance.
Adding objects through our team
By agreeing to add an offer through the Team on the website, we assume that the property rights to the materials you provide and use when adding the offer (website, photos, etc.) belong to you.
By agreeing to add an offer through the Team on the website, you undertake to have the ownership rights to the materials used by the website. Otherwise, you undertake to change the materials displayed on the site.
The regulations were last updated on September 1, 2020

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